Information Security and Cryptography Research Group

Cryptographic Protocols (SS 2021)

Lecturers: Prof. Ueli Maurer and Dr. Martin Hirt

Teaching Assistants: Konstantin Gegier, Chen-Da Liu Zhang

Lecture: Wednesdays, 12-14, Zoom-Meeting 987 6841 4431. First Lecture: 24.02.2021.

Exercise Class: Wednesdays, 14-16, Zoom-Meeting 987 6841 4431. First Exercise Class: 24.02.2021.

Joining the Lecture via Zoom

The lecture and exercise course will be streamed using Zoom (meeting ID 987 6841 4431).
The Zoom-client can be downloaded here: download Zoom client.

An ETHZ-Zoom account is required to join the lecture. An account can be created here:

A recording of the lecture will be available to registered students.

Course Material


Walter, Slides 01, Slides 02, Slides 03, Slides 04, Slides 05, Slides 06


Proof Systems, Notes 01, Notes 02, Notes 03, Notes 04, Notes 05


Exercise 01, Exercise 02, Exercise 03, Exercise 04, Exercise 05, Exercise 06


Solution 01, Solution 02, Solution 03, Solution 04, Solution 05, Solution 06


During the course we will cover papers partially. These are part of the material relevant for the exam.
  • U. Maurer: Zero-knowledge proofs of knowledge for group homomorphisms: [pdf]
  • G. Brassard, D. Chaum, C. Crepeau: Minimum Disclosure Proofs of Knowledge: [pdf]
  • U. Maurer: Secure Multi-Party Computation Made Simple: [pdf]