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Ueli Maurer

Ueli Maurer

Professor of Computer Science
Postal address:
Department of Computer Science
ETH Zürich
Universitätsstrasse 6
CH – 8092 Zürich

Ph.D. Students

Recent Publications complete list

Anonymous Authenticated Communication

Fabio Banfi and Ueli Maurer
Security and Cryptography for Networks – SCN 2022, LNCS, Springer, vol. 13409, pp. 289–312, Sep 2022.

Giving an Adversary Guarantees (Or: How to Model Designated Verifier Signatures in a Composable Framework)

Ueli Maurer, Christopher Portmann, and Guilherme Rito
Advances in Cryptology—ASIACRYPT 2021, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer International Publishing, vol. 13092, pp. 189–219, Dec 2021.

Adaptive Security of Multi-Party Protocols, Revisited

Martin Hirt, Chen-Da Liu Zhang, and Ueli Maurer
Theory of Cryptography — TCC 2021, LNCS, Springer International Publishing, vol. 13042, pp. 686–716, Nov 2021.