Information Security and Cryptography Research Group

Current Topics in Cryptography (Seminar 2023)

Lecturers: Prof. Kenny Paterson, Prof. Dennis Hofheinz, Prof. Ueli Maurer
Assistants: Anu Unnikrishnan, Bogdan Ursu, Fabio Banfi

Course Description

The participants of this seminar course are expected to read a scientific paper and present it in a 30 minute talk and then answer questions from the audience.

The main goals of the seminar are the independent study of scientific literature and assessment of its contributions as well as learning and practicing presentation techniques.

This seminar covers a wide range of topics in cryptography including key exchange, signatures, encryption schemes, multi-party computation, obfuscation, security definitions, information-theoretic security, applied cryptography.


The sessions take place on Thursdays 16-18 in LFW B 2.

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List of papers

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