Information Security and Cryptography Research Group

Cryptographic Protocols (SS 2024)

Lecturer:   Dr. Martin Hirt.
Teaching Assistants:   Nicholas Brandt, Gabriel Dettling, Jérôme Schneider, Natalie Suter.
Course Catalogue:   252-0408-00L Cryptographic Protocols.

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Lecture Information

Time and place:   Thursday, 9-11, ML E 12. First lecture: Feb 22, 2024.

We plan to cover the following topics: multi-party computation, secret-sharing, broadcast and Byzantine agreement. We look at both the synchronous and the asynchronous communication model, and focus on simple protocols as well as on highly-efficient protocols. Note that plans can change :-)

We provide handouts with the slides, and at times also lecture notes and/or a paper covering the material. Provided material is available on this web page only. Note that the handouts with slides contain empty boxes which are filled during the lecture.

Exercise Information

Time and place:   Thursday, 11-13, ML E 12. First exercise class: Feb 22, 2024.

We employ a special exercise mode: In the first 45 minutes, students solve one task from the exercise sheet in small groups (2-3 students). In the second 45 minutes, for each task, one group is selected randomly to present the task and their solution at the black board. We will be available for help and hints in the first part and will moderate the second part.

We provide exercise sheets and solutions. Solutions are uploaded to the web page with some delay - this is on purpose. If you want to obtain feedback to your solution, you can hand in a photo or a scan of your solution via email at Evidently, we can only give you feedback if we can see and read the solution ...

Exam Information

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Course Material

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