Information Security and Cryptography Research Group

Giovanni Deligios

Giovanni Deligios

Ph.D. Student

M.Sc. in Mathematics
Postal address:
Department of Computer Science
ETH Zürich, CAB H 15.2
Universitätstrasse 6
CH – 8092 Zürich


Synchronous Perfectly Secure Message Transmission with Optimal Asynchronous Fallback Guarantees

Giovanni Deligios and Chen-Da Liu Zhang
Financial Cryptography and Data Security —FC23, vol. , May 2023.

Round-Efficient Byzantine Agreement and Multi-Party Computation with Asynchronous Fallback

Giovanni Deligios, Martin Hirt, and Chen-Da Liu Zhang
Theory of Cryptography — TCC 2021, LNCS, Springer International Publishing, vol. 13042, pp. 623–653, Nov 2021.