Information Security and Cryptography Research Group

Cryptographic Protocols (SS 2022)

Lecturer: Dr. Martin Hirt

Teaching Assistants: Giovanni Deligios, Konstantin Gegier

Lecture: Wednesdays, 12-14, CAB G 51 / Zoom-Meeting 640 6809 4862. First Lecture: 23.02.2022.

Exercise Class: Wednesdays, 14-16, CAB G 51 / Zoom-Meeting 640 6809 4862. First Exercise Class: 23.02.2022.

Lecture Information

The lecture will be held using Zoom (meeting ID 640 6809 4862) on Wednesdays, 12-14.
It will also be streamed in CAB G 51 during lecture hours.
The Zoom-client can be downloaded here: download Zoom client.

An ETHZ-Zoom account is required to join the lecture. An account can be created here:

A recording of the lecture will be available to registered students.

Exercise Class Information

We offer two exercise classes on Wednesdays 14-16.

One exercise class will be held in CAB G 51.

The other exercise class will be via Zoom in Zoom-Meeting 640 6809 4862.

Course Material

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